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Fountain Primary School, Londonderry


We are a PATHS school. 


We use PATHS to help our children grow into responsible young adults who stop, think and then make sensible decisions. PATHS helps us right across the curriculum but especially with our Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU).

Each day in our classrooms we have a 'Child/Pupil of the Day' and this child receives compliments from others in their class as well as the staff. This child then often has extra roles and responsibilities during that day. If your child comes home with a compliment slip, don't forget to give them a compliment too. This is a great way of linking home and school.

In PATHS we talk about 2 different types of feelings, "Comfortable" and "Uncomfortable". All feelings are ok to have, what we have to think about carefully are the decisions we make when we have those feelings. For example, it's ok to be angry, but it is not ok to push someone because you are angry. We give our children the strategies they need so that when they are faced with difficult situations, they can recognise their own feelings and put a plan in place to act appropriately. This leads to children who show respect and kindness, play fair and have good teamwork skills, following the rules and making a better school for everyone.

Watch the video below to see a little more about PATHS around our school.