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Fountain Primary School, Londonderry


Firstly, we have the SchoolsNI app. This app is integrated with our school website and provides parents all the important information and news about what is going on in school.

We use this app to send notifications to parents and each parent is linked to their child/children’s class. This app can be used by teachers to send private messages home to groups of parents, providing information about their own class. Parents can choose to reply to these messages through the app.

Each primary parent/guardian is sent a message confirming their phone number which allows us to ensure that only the correct parents receive the messages. This app can also be used for booking parents day meetings and replying to permission request slips.

We aim to send as little paper home to parents as possible and this app is essential for the smooth running of our school. Should you be a parent and are having issues with the app, please contact the school office where we will try to help you get it up and running.


We use Seesaw in school for direct 1-1 communication between parents and teachers. This app allows you to contact your class teacher without having to phone the school office. Parents can send messages 24hours a day, however, teachers will respond to messages between the hours or 8:50am – 5:00pm. This is to ensure they have a healthy work-life balance.