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Fountain Primary School, Londonderry

Welcome to the Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is a small class within the school. It is set up like a home, with a living area, kitchen and dining area, as well as a work area.

The room offers a short term, focussed, early intervention, which addresses barriers to learning, arising from social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. We aim to allow children within the group to learn, develop, grow and flourish emotionally based on their individual needs.

Children attend Rainbow Room Monday to Thursday. They begin and end their day with their base class, and spend Friday there. The children follow a set routine which includes Literacy, Numeracy and Nurture activities, such as, snack time, baking, yoga, group and circle time, theraplay and arts and crafts.

The room is run by Mrs Donnell and Mrs Beveridge. We work closely together to offer a warm, caring, safe and structured environment, to encourage each child to develop their confidence, self-esteem and learn positive behaviour.


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29th Nov 2023
We have been learning to play new games in Rainbow Room and taking turns and working...
15th Nov 2023
The Rainbow Room boys and girls have had great fun with their Autumn play and art...
17th Oct 2023
The boys and girls had great fun reading and following the instructions to make playdough....