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Fountain Primary School, Londonderry

Safer Internet Day

6th Feb 2024

Today was Safer Internet Day!

As a whole school we talked about all the amazing things we use the internet for and how it benefits our lives.

We talked about how no one owns the internet, no one person decides what can be put on it and how everyone can add things to it.

After that we talked about how sometimes it’s hard to know what is true online and that we can’t trust everything that we see. Mr Torney said he had tried lots of “life hacks” from TikTok and they just never work out like they do in the videos.

People aren’t always who they say they are online and we can’t always trust that people who want to talk to us online are trustworthy. All pupils agreed that if someone tried to meet up with them from the internet, they would say “NO!”, block the person and let their parents or trusted adult know.

Finally before going back to class we talked about how bullying can take place online and how we can make sure we are responsible online.

We all took part in some activities in class to finish up our Safer Internet Day.

Adults should make sure keep a close eye on their children when they are online and have open conversations with them on how to be safe and what to do if they are worried.